Longhorn Vapor TV commercial casting call in Texas

Casting Search – Longhorn Vapor 2016 Campaign

Casting Call
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Company: Longhorn Vapor Co.
  • Location: Irving, TX
  • Start Date: January 7, 2016
  • Shooting Schedule: 1 day
  • Send headshots and resumes to:
CASTING SEARCH – Longhorn Vapor 2016 Campaign 

Description – Longhorn Vapor Co. is launching an online ad campaign that will highlight the companies new products. We are proud of our Texas heritage and are creating a campaign to highlight just that.

Mr. Longhorn – Mid 20s, man’s man. Good looking and well groomed.
Mrs. Longhorn – Attractive southern girl with a big smile.
Competitor - Male or female, age open. Able to make fun of themselves, as this character will be the foil of our hero.

TO SUBMIT – please email recent headshots and resume to

Longhorn Vapor supplies comprehensive range of E-Cigarette products and E-Liquid flavors. Longhorn Vapor is the leading manufacturer of the finest E-liquid flavors and E-cigarettes in the market. With extensive research, they only strive to provide the best quality products to the industry. They cater to businesses as well as individuals, and their goal is to become a one-stop shop for all.

All actors must be legally eligible to work in the entertainment industry in State of Texas, and in the United States. The Dallas Actors Resource Guide eBook has the documentation and information for adults and minors who wish to work on films, television shows, and commercials in Texas and in the USA. All Actors Resource Guide eBooks are available here.

Casting call for national pizza chain

An industrial for a well-known national pizza chain!
Families, college kids, children and sports types needed.

RATE: $300/10!!!

Work dates December 7-11, 2015 -  Must be available all days

SPECIAL NOTE: Roles described below are All-American types, all ethnicities. Must portray positive, happy, wholesome, good clean fun! Hoping to elicit "warm and fuzzy" feelings from our viewers. Location: ATLANTA, GA

Adolescent Hockey Team & Coach
(All Ethnicities)

- Male kids and teenagers needed to portray a hockey team. Ages 10-19, all ethnicities. Hockey experience is a must! Kids Must be clean-cut, no long hair, piercings of any kind and/or visible tattoos.
- Hockey Coach/Dad: Experienced Hockey coach, prefer a male, mid 40s. All ethnicities please apply
Any coaching experience of any sport is preferred, but not required. Must be shaven and clean-cut.

Sleepover in Suburbs
(All Ethnicities)

- Caucasian Mom type in mid 30s hosting a sleepover with daughter and friends.
- Caucasian Parents of sleepover friend. Mom and dad type. Also, in mid 30s. Conservative, preppy, casual attire. Looks may include but, are not limited to, khakis, polo's, button ups, cardigans, slacks, clean-cut looks, please.
- Sleepover Girls, Young daughter and friends. Ages 5-7. Females only, please. All ethnicities!

Dorm Room Study Group
(All Ethnicities)

College kids needed for a dorm room scene. Males and females needed ages 18 to 23. All ethnicities. Casual attire, dress as if you were meeting together for a study group in a dorm room. Look smart and studious!

Backyard Barbecue

Hispanic or Caucasian family members needed for backyard party
- Dad in his 50s and mom in her late 40s.
- Family "kids" ranging in ages from 20 to 25. Males and females needed. Caucasian and/or Hispanic please apply. Dress as if going to a backyard barbecue. Shorts, polos, conservative sundresses, etc. 

Happy Family Dinner (African American)
African-American family sitting down to dinner at home, having fun, spending quality time together
- African-American Grandfather, Grandmother and friend, all in mid 60s to 70's. African American male and female's please apply.
African-American Grandkids ages 3-8. Granddaughter is a must! Her sibling may be a male or female. Must be super cute with great smile!
- African-American mother and father in late 20's to mid 30s. Conservative, casual attire. Men must be clean-cut, shaven, and well groomed. All American family types!

Mechanic and Son Working Together

Car mechanic and teen son needed to be working together in a shop.
- Dad should be in mid 40's with blue-collar look. White and or Hispanic please apply. 
- Son should be approximately 13-17 years old.  Knowledge of mechanics and/or automobiles is a plus, but not required. Caucasian and or Hispanic please apply.

Minivan MOM & Kids (Caucasian)
Super Mom Picking up a pizza in her minivan. No minivan needed, but it's a plus!
Mom - Caucasian, Early to Late 30's taking pizza to car. (Send picture of minivan if you have one!)
Friends/ Children in Minivan: ages 8-14, all ethnicities

To apply to work for any of the above roles, please email 3 very clear pictures, plus your age, height, weight, and phone number to If you are applying for someone else (kid/grandparent), please make sure they are available & interested) 
Remember! Work Dates are Dec 7-11, so you have to be available all of those dates right now. Please confirm your availability in your email !

IMPORTANT: All actors, extras, and stand-ins must be legally eligible to work in Atlanta, GA and the United States. The Atlanta Actors Resource Guide eBook includes the information and documents for adults, minors, and foreign talent who would like to work as an actor or extra on film and television productions in the State of Georgia and the United States:

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Seattle casting call for TV Commercial


Please see details and submissions instructions below.

PROJECT: Microsoft non-union, non-broadcast video

USAGE: shown at events and 1 year web usage

FILMING DATES: Wednesday, Nov. 11th and Thursday, Nov. 12th, most extras will have one day of work

FILMING LOCATIONS: Seattle and Ballard

COMPENSATION: $175/8 hours, plus 20% talent agency fee (if you have a talent agent), plus $20 wardrobe allowance. You do not need to be represented by a talent agent to submit for jobs.

MUST be legal to work in the U.S. and Seattle, WA

MUST be 18 years of age or older

PLEASE have reliable transportation

Extras need to be available the entire day/night.

For those who are chosen, we will not have call times until the evening before. Extras can not arrive late and can not leave early.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Male and Female

ages 20-65 years of age

all ethnicities

HWP (height, weight, proportionate)



Male and Female

ages 20-65 years of age

all ethnicities

HWP (height, weight, proportionate)


If you are interested and available, please submit your name, contact information (including phone number), recent color photos/headshots, height, weight, what day(s) you are available and who your talent agent is (if you have one).

Please submit this information to:


All submissions are considered. For those whom the client chooses, I will be contacting directly to book (either through the talent or their agent).

All talent must be legally eligible to work in the state of Washington and in the United States. The Seattle Actors Resource Guide eBook includes the following information and documents for adults, minors, and foreign talent who would like to work as an actor or extra on film and television productions in Seattle and the United States:

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The Seattle Actors Resource Guide eBook is available here.

TV Commercial casting call in Atlanta

Real & Extraordinary People Needed
The following notice is for a commercial that will shoot on either Monday or Tuesday (Sept 21st or 22nd). The rate is a guaranteed minimum of $500/10.
Shoots in the Atlanta, GA area.

1. MAN IN Fashion – Man (Ages 18 - 50s) that have a sense of style from what they wear down to grooming their hair. We are looking for unique hairstyles, beard styles, mustaches. We need men who would fit right in somewhere like NYC or Little Five Points.

2. Sporty Lady – WOMAN (Ages 18 - 25) young and outdoorsy. Likes to rock climb, go hiking or do other outdoor sports.

3. Skateboarder – MAN (Age: 20s to early 30s) A businessman by day, skate boarder by night. We need a good looking guy to portray a skateboarder (MUST ACTUALLY SKATE). Please submit with experience & photos or video.

4. GUITAR PLAYER – MAN (Age: 18 to early 20s) Looking for a young male to portray a guitar player. Tattoos, band shirts, unique haircuts, etc. Submit yourself looking like you belong in a band!

5. FRIENDS FOR A CLUB SCENE – Young Partiers! Seeking FUN Men & Women (Ages: 18 - 40's) Club scene, dancing, drinking, fashion, loud music, etc. If you enjoy all of those things and you know just what to wear, throw on your best outfit for a night on the town and submit!

6. SHY GUY – Awkward MAN (Age: 18+) Looking for your average Joe to appear awkward surrounded by a group of women. Every man’s dream right?

7. NERDY, YET BEAUTIFUL WOMAN– WOMAN (Ages: 20s - 40s) Looking for an attractive and intelligent/book smart woman.

8. SIGN SPINNER– High Energy MALE or FEMALE (Ages: 18 - 30s) to portray a sign spinner in suit. Must have killer dance moves! Bonus points for a video or photo submission of your best sign dancing.

9. TATTOO GUY– HELLO MY NAME IS… MAN (Age: 20s) We need an average guy to portray someone looking to get a (pretend) tattoo of the phrase, “Hello. My name is…”

10. Male Scientist – Research/Laboratory/Innovative related - MAN (Age: 20s - 40s) We need a Peter Parker type. Person working with wires and bulbs in basement/garage.

11. UNICYCLE RIDER – MAN (Age: 18+) Must be able to ride a unicycle!!! Unicyclists, please submit a video or a photo of you riding!

12. PEOPLE & THEIR DOG – DOGS & DOG WALKERS! Please submit photos of you AND photos of your dog. DOGS MUST be friendly around other dogs. All dogs are welcome! As long as they are trained and behave well around people and other animals.

Please email at least THREE photos to In the email, confirm availability for both Monday & Tuesday (we cannot preset you unless you are available). Also, INCLUDE your age, height, weight and phone number! Please choose a subject based on what you are applying for!

Casting call in Boston pays $1500 per person

Casting directors in Boston, MA are seeking the following to work as actors in a toy commercial.

Seeking Ethnic Kids for Commercial, Pays $1500 if Cast!

They are looking for kids for a non-union commercial for a well known toy manufacturer.

Acting experience (on camera or stage) is required! We are looking for the following:

• Boys , Ages 11-13, of Indian, Middle Eastern, or African American heritage

• Girls, Ages 12-15, of Asian heritage

Acting experience is required. To be considered for an audition, please submit to with:

• Child's name
• A very recent photo or professional headshot, and acting resume
• Parent's name and phone number

If no acting resume, please provide a summary description of your child's acting experience.

They will review all submissions for audition consideration.