Casting Greek/Italian Families in Utah for Commercial Featured Extras

The casting director for a commercial shooting in Utah is seeking a wide range of talent to work as featured extras.

Please submit with picture, and name of ROLE in SUBJECT LINE:

Or submit via postal mail ASAP to :

Cate Praggastis
Take 1 Casting
840 S. 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Include ROLE in your SUBMISSION.

Greek or Italian persons for this spot only, families are best.

Auditions will be Saturday (3/17/2012) and the commercial will shoot on Saturday (3/24/2012)

Family summary: The grouping should actually be or needs to have the appearance of a large, extended family of Italian or Greek descent. Primary and minor characters should all be highly attractive and sophisticated, but possessing of distinctive realness.

[Wife] Late thirties, olive-skinned. Exceptionally beautiful and curvy with long, dark hair and a broad smile with nice teeth. 5’7”-5’11” in height with enough grace to be spun and dipped on the dance floor.

[Husband] Late thirties to early forties, olive-skinned. Taller than the wife by at least two inches. Dark-haired, slight greying okay. Capable ballroom dancer.

[Young Man] Very handsome man between 19-25. Dark haired, olive skinned, with a captivating and mischievous grin.

[Little Girl] Precious girl of 4-6. Long hair of dark or light brown. Super adorable.

[Adolescent Boy] Sweet-faced, earnest boy of 11-12. Should still look like a child, but not babyish. Needs to be believable for him to have a crush on a girl.

[Adolescent Girl] Slim, beautiful girl of 13-14 with long, dark hair. Should look young, but clearly older and taller than the Adolescent Boy.

[Uncle] Early to mid-fifties with an expressive face and a lot of character. Olive-skinned. Hair can be dark or greying. Capable of being humorous.

[Grandfather] Mid-seventies, grey hair. Real-looking. Should not look like a model. Sweet, expressive face.

[Grandmother] Mid-seventies, grey hair that is either cropped short or can be pulled back. Real looking, but elegant, with a big smile. Capable of being humorous.

[Young Women] Two-three drop-dead gorgeous 20-somethings. They may or may not have a dance solo, but will certainly be eye candy that represents the beauty and youthful aspirations of The Grand.

About Take 1 Film Casting

Cate Praggastis, C.S.A. is the owner of the oldest Casting office in Utah, Take 1! Film Casting. She has cast over 70 films and TV movies and over 100 local and national commercials. She is credited with discovering several of the newest and hottest faces in Hollywood today! Cate Praggastis is a 2 Time Casting Society of America Artios Award Nominee.