Swedish Diaper Commercial casting babies in Salt Lake City, Utah

Baby Diaper Commerial Auditions
The casting director for a Swedish diaper commercial is looking for Caucasian Babies, 12 months to 16 months old. NO exceptions. Identical twins would be great but they will be mixing and matching babies who look alike.

This is for the greater Salt Lake City area, DO NOT submit if you are not located in this area. Transportation is not paid for or provided to the Salt Lake City, Utah area for the auditions.

They are doing a spoof on the Mission Impossible scene when Tom cruise climbs the rock wall in Moab, Utah. This will be shot in Moab around the 28th and 29th of October, 2010.

There will be a little rock climbing wall set at an angle the babies can crawl on at the audition. They want to see how well the babies crawl up this little rock wall. It will not be dangerous - Mom, Dad or guardian Will be present in the room for this one.

Details from the advertising agency:

● The star baby should look cute and charming, European Nordic looking, and light complexion.

● Since we need to select body doubles it is important that the babies have the same skin tone, features in their bodies and similar shade of hair color.

● The babies should be selected between 12-16 months old a they must have a "baby look". In other words, you can't really tell if it is a boy or girl.

● We'd prefer someone looking younger than older considering the age.

● The babies must be able to walk and climb and to be quite physical.

● The star baby should show a sense of confidence: he is aware of the experience he is living and he is enjoying it.

Click here to see an example of what they are looking for in the audition.

Notice that dad is helping the baby up the wall. Our wall will not be a 90 degree angle.


Shooting Day (session) is $590 per day with the possibility of 2 days total.

Most likely all kids will work two days.

Travel is $590 total (so 1/2 day each direction from the Salt Lake City area)

How to have your baby(s) considered:

Please contact your agent if you have a baby that fits this audition. If you don't have an agent, email a picture of your baby and your contact info to:

Please put "Diaper Commercial" in the subject field.